Fully Synthetic Engine Oil –High Perfomance


SAE 5W40

5W40 SN-small

DaTo Ultra is developed as a fully synthetic engine oil to meet the requirements of almost all the engines in passenger cars running on multiple fuels like Gasoline, Diesel, Bio Diesel, Gasoline-ethanol Mix, LPG & NG. It is particularly suited for turbo charged, multi valve and direct injection engines.


DaTo Ultimate provides the following benefits when used as recommended:

  • As a fully synthetic engine oil, it provides excellent oxidation stability, low temperature flow properties
  • Helps to protect high performance engines from power and performance robbing deposits
  • Helps to protect the engine throughout the oil drain interval
  • Protection of three-way catalyst poisons by reducing the volatility of the phosphorus in the lubricant


They are fully synthetic designed for use in modern gasoline engines, diesel engines (without particulate filters) and gas engines. And it is also suitable for use with bio diesel and Gasoline – Ethanol blends.
The synthetic formulation offers maximum protection in very hot and extremely cold climates and severe driving conditions.


The synthetic technology gives very high thermal stability performance to the oil which leads to very prolonged oil change interval. Easier starting in cold weather, faster oil flow for engine life by protecting surfaces from wear and by helping to neutralize the corrosive combustion.


DaTo Ultra 5W40
API Grade SN
Specific Gravity @ 15°C 0.8588
Flash Point, °C 230
Pour Point, °C -39
Viscosity at 40°C, cSt 81
Viscosity at 100°C, cSt 13.75
Viscosity Index 175
Total Base No., Min. 9.0
CCS Viscosity cP @ -30’C 6300