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Welcome to our comprehensive resource dedicated to everything you need to know about car engine oil. Whether you're a seasoned automotive enthusiast or a novice car owner, understanding the importance of engine oil and how to choose the right one can significantly impact your vehicle's performance and longevity.
DaTo SPECIAL - Fully Synthetic Recreational Engine Oil
DaTo Super - Semi Synthetic Engine Oil - High Quality

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Choosing the best car engine oil depends on several factors, including your vehicle's make and model, driving habits, climate, and manufacturer recommendations. DaTo , a trusted brand, designs semi and fully synthetic engine oils to maximize engine performance and protection under extreme conditions. DaTo offers two types of engine oils specifically formulated for gasoline and diesel engines.

Gasoline Engine Oil

Your gasoline engine is the heart of your vehicle, powering you through daily commutes, weekend adventures, and everything in between. Ensure it stays running at its best with our premium gasoline engine oil.
Developed to meet the requirements of gasoline engines. It particularly suits turbocharged, multi-valve, and direct injection engines.
DaTo Super is formulated as a full synthetic engine oils to provide excellent oxidation stability, low temperature flow properties, enhanced fuel economy and extend drain. It performs as an all-season synthetic oil suitable for use under the most difficult operating conditions, such as congested city traffic. It is perfectly adaptable to all vehicles equipped with catalysts using unleaded fuel or LPG.
DaTo Lubricant Engine Oil
DaTo Lubricant Car Engine Oil

Diesel Engine Oil

Your diesel engine is a powerhouse, built to tackle tough tasks and conquer challenging terrain. Ensure it operates at peak performance with our premium diesel engine oil, meticulously formulated to meet the demands of diesel engines.
Unmatched Protection: Our diesel engine oil provides unrivaled protection against wear, friction, and heat. And also keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently, even under heavy loads and high temperatures. Trust in our oil to safeguard your engine's longevity and reliability.
Advanced Cleaning Power: Say goodbye to harmful deposits and contaminants that can hamper your engine's performance. Our diesel engine oil contains powerful detergents and additives. That effectively clean and maintain critical engine components, ensuring optimal operation and efficiency.
Extreme Temperature Performance: From freezing cold winters to scorching hot summers, our diesel engine oil maintains its viscosity and lubricating properties, providing reliable startup and consistent performance in any climate. Trust in our oil to keep your engine running smoothly year-round.
Fuel Efficiency: Maximize your fuel economy with our diesel engine oil. Its low-friction formula minimizes energy loss, allowing your engine to operate more efficiently and effectively, saving you money on fuel costs in the long run.
Industry-Leading Quality: Our diesel engine oil is rigorously tested and exceeds industry standards for quality and performance. Backed by years of expertise and innovation, it's the trusted choice of drivers who demand nothing but the best for their diesel engines.